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A True Philly Sports Moment

From a moving tribute from a son to a respected father.  Rest in Peace Sergeant.

A true Philly sports moment amid the sadness

Slain Police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski was remembered today as husband, father, dedicated officer and, lest we forget, a huge Flyers fan. LICZBINISKI.jpg
With team scheduled for Game 1 of it playoffs series with Pittsburgh tonight, 24-year-old Matt Liczbinski asked mourners to perform, in honor of his father, what may have been a first-ever Flyers cheer at Sts. Peter and Paul Basilica. Taking a time out from “all the seriousness,” Matt Liczbinski led the congregration in “Let’s Go Fly-ers” chant, complete with da-da-dadada clapping.

Sports, in life and death. That’s Philly, baby.

Philly seeks kin of cop slain in 1906

Little is known about Police Officer Frank Slaymaker.And unfortunately for Chief Inspector James Tiano and his small but dedicated staff, even less is known about Slaymaker’s family.

The Police Department plans to honor the life and heroism of Slaymaker – who was killed in the line of duty on June 11, 1906 – with a plaque dedication in June. But, so far, no members of his family have been found to attend the dedication.

“We are searching for the family, but it’s been such a long time” since Slaymaker was killed, said Tiano – who, usually with Capt. Dennis Gallagher, visits surviving relatives of fallen officers before a plaque ceremony. “But we did one for an officer killed in 1919, and he had a big family there.”

According to Tiano, Slaymaker was killed when he apprehended a man and a woman who had robbed a Chinese restaurant.

The man shot Slaymaker, but the officer was still able to hold the suspects until assisting officers arrived.

Slaymaker died 10 days later.

“This [effort] is very important, because these are our extended families,” Gallagher said.

“Injured or slain, we always consider them family. But we didn’t have a single piece of record on his family.”

Both the fire and police departments recognize fallen comrades through the plaque program, and it doesn’t matter when the honoree died.

Police officials said that records of Slaymaker’s family may have been lost.

“The goal is, if there are any Slaymaker relatives – and I’m sure there are – to contact us,” said Tiano.

“We really want and need for his family to be there.”

For details on the search for Slaymaker’s family, or to provide information, call Tiano at 215-685-3655

2007 Grand Lodge of PA Convention Report

Custodes Pacis’ delegates went to the convention June 20th to June 24, 2007. The following is a report in brief of the connvention.

Delegates in Attendance
Theresa Cardamone
Angela Cardamone
Charles H. O’Connor
Charles O’Connor, Jr.
Rita Rastelli
Maurizio DeLisi
Gary Cardamone – as State Trustee

Custodes Pacis members were nominated for and accepted various positions within the Grand Lodge on the district, state and national levels. We have placed ourselves within a unique position to now have 5 members represent the lodge at the district and state levels with two members now sitting on Grand Council.. Additional we now have two members eligible to attend the National Convention as delegates. All those elected should be commended for being willing to take on these duties.

District Elections
Rita Rastelli – State Trustee – District 3
Angela Cardamone – Dante Commission for Education – Vice-President
Maurizio DeLisi – Alternate – National Delegate(Recently, selected to attend the national convention as a delegate)
Charles O’Connor – Arbitration Commission

Grand Lodge Elections
Gary Cardamone – State Financial Secretary


Donations in the amount of $100 we made to the following charities:
Alzheimer’s, Cooley’s Anemia, Commission for Social Justice and Coaches for Cancer

By-Law Amendments
By-law amendments were not voted on due to a violation with the distribution of the proposed amendments prior to the convention. Since the delegates did not have 15 days notice, the by-laws will be voted on via
U.S. Mail

Per capita increase

The body voted to increase the per capita tax by $4 per year per member. This will take place in 2008. The per capita tax increase and the effect it has on Custodes Pacis finances will be discussed at upcoming meetings.